HR Questions


Please write in for the following. 1 paragraph per answer. due tomorrow at 9am

#1 Explain the following terms:


Strategic Planning

Customer Focus


#2- What are the three theories of discrimination. List all three under Title VII of the civil rights act?


#3- Explain Job analysis and Job description in your own words


#4 Define Transitional Matrix


#5 Explain the term Downsizing


#6- Explain Content Validation


#7- Explain Needs Assessment

Explain Kaizen


#8- Explain Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)


#9- Explain Out Placement Counseling


#10- Define Efficiency Wage Theory and Provide and example


#11- Explain Expectancy Theory


#12- Discuss how employee benefits in the United States compare with those in other countries

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