How are OSHA regulations implemented in your workplace?

How are OSHA regulations implemented in your workplace?


In a food and beverage location they are more easily noticeable because of all the different aspect that safety entails including food safety and sanitation. When you think of these what are these aspects? Then what other aspects of OSHA that cross all disciplines and work locations are there?


I am glad you brought up the MSDS book (Material Safety Data Sheets) All companies should have these and have them readily available for employees to see. They provide all the information for any chemical used in the workplace, their possible side effects and medical treatment they might need. Why are these so important and have you seen these in your workplace? Whey are they required?


Food and Beverage facilities have a greater depth due to complexities which include temperature reporting, sanitation and handling. What is similar with all of these as opposed to differences though?


What are three types of preventative maintenance? Do you practice these at home in your kitchen?

Describe HACCP, What it means and why is it so important?

Pretend you are planning a vacation using only the Internet. How did you locate websites that provide the information you need? What websites would you use to plan your trip and how are those sites advertised online? What airlines, cruises, hotels, and transportation companies had information easily available? If some information was not easily available, how did you find the information you needed?

Class, what ramifications does video conferencing have on our industry?  Please be thorough within your response.  Please also read chapter 4 before answering this question.

Class, what are some solutions to a down Network?  Please be thorough in your responses.



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