hotel and restaurant operations ( visit to Westin Copley in Boston)


I am doing this class that it's called hotel and restaurant operations and today we visit a hotel call Westin Copley place in Boston, its kind of fancy hotel and very expensive, so we do this tour in my class to hotels and restaurant and The professor wants me to write two pages paper about what did I like about this hotel and I don't feel like to write anything can you please visit the website take a look at a hotel and write two pages about The hotel how nice it is that they have fancy granites wall and floors and suppose that you visit and you saw that they have nice big rooms with beautifull view to boston and also they have a kitchen inside the hotel that they do big weddings and cook for more than 1000 people also they have this restaurants in the hotel But we  only visit this particular one it's call the Huntington Boston that serves lunch and drinks and also the four woman's the showed the hotel for us they were very helpful very professional was about two hours tour. I want you to please go to the website take a look in the hotel the photos pretend that you went there. Also she explains to us that on Fourth of July one night goes to  $600 The regular  night in the hotel is about $306. Sorry This Is  only some tips that you could add in there and pretending that its me. tale a good look in the photos and the hotel location and also the info about the hotel and add something. Very ease and you dont need to rush is for next saturday. I will pay $ 12 for this simple paper. the web of the hotel will be the reference. Let me know if you can do this otherwise i will post to others. Thank you.

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