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Discussion 1 - How Reinforcing is My Reinforcer? – Discuss in 100 – 150 words with in text citations -  In Chapter One, our author discusses a 'general rule' that reminds us to make sure we have a true reinforcer before spending time trying to reinforce behavior.    Please share an example that illustrates the importance of this rule.   Have you ever attempted to use a reinforcer that did not truly act as a reinforcer?   Please explain.

Discussion 2 - The Nature of Reinforcement -– Discuss in 100 – 150 words with in text citations - Reinforcement is typically thought of as a 'good' thing. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Can you think of a time when reinforcement can produce an undesired behavior? What is an example of this? 

Discussion 3 - Positive Reinforcement vs. Negative Reinforcement -– Discuss in 100 – 150 words with in text citations - How does positive reinforcement differ from negative reinforcement?    How are these concepts the same?   What are some examples of each?

Discussion 4 - Stimuli – Discuss in 100 – 150 words with in text citations - Determine if a stimuli is functioning as a reinforcer.

Discussion 5 - Reinforcing contingency – Discuss in 100 – 150 words with in text citations - Explain the function of a reinforcing contingency.


Discussion 6 - Aversive Stimuli – Discuss in 100 – 150 words with in text citations - Explain the relationship between aversive stimuli and negative reinforcement.

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