please create & submit a 1-page chart using very short bullets or metrics in 3 columns to compare & contrast your recommendations for the following 3 cases:

  • Your team's Recommendations for Tom Chong in the Jextra case
  • Your team's Recommendations for Chiquita CEO Aguirre in Blood Bananas case
  • Your team's Recommendations for Bob Dudley in the TNK-BP case

You may define your comparison framework, dimensions or metrics any way that your team prefers.

Alternatively, you could use something like the following definitions for each row with 1-2 bullets in each column:

  • Situation/problem: 1-2 bullets
  • Methodology/Analysis: 1-2 bullets
    • which frameworks did you use?
    • how did you analyze the case?


  • Key findings: 1-2 bullets
  • Conclusions: 1-2 bullets
  • Recommendations: 1-2 bullets
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