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Homework Question

Consider the following scenario:


You have just written a ten-page report for your supervisor. The report outlines the total sales made by your team made in the past year, sales by region, and sales by quarter. While it is important to write out the detail of each category of sales in paragraphs, you also want to develop a Quick Table to show your supervisors a summary of sales information.


Describe your thinking for designing the table. What titles would you focus on in your headers? What information you would include as your row labels? Please explain your reasoning.

Submitted by Kumail Raza on Wed, 2012-07-11 00:55
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xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx scenario:


xxx xxxx just xxxxxxx a ten-page report for your xxxxxxxxxxx The report xxxxxxxx the total sales xxxx by xxxx xxxx xxxx in xxx xxxx xxxxx sales by region, xxx sales xx quarter. While it is important to write xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx of sales in xxxxxxxxxxx you also want to xxxxxxx a xxxxx Table xx show your supervisors x summary of xxxxx information.


xxxxxxxx your thinking xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xx your xxxxxxxx What information you would include as xxxx xxx xxxxxxx Please explain your xxxxxxxxxx


I would have xxxx pivot tables xxx quick sales summary xxxxxxx on excel. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx labels xx these xxxxx easy xxxxxxxxxxx Region would be xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx be interchanged xxxx “xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx” xxxxxxx xx the xxxx xx xxx right xx the xxxxxxx Figures xxx xx put in “values block” xx the xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx can be xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx min., xxxxxxxx difference and % of xxxxxxxxxxx

You xxx select different options to summarize xxxx…

xxx xxx have xxxxxxxxx xxxxx field settings xxx xxxxxxxxxx…

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