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Use the TNA to identify performance gaps and to establish specific training outcomes. In this first assignment, you started to develop a training needs analysis (TNA) for your chosen organization. This assignment builds on the previous one and will complete your TNA. Open the TNA created in Assignment 1 and complete steps 6-8 on the same document. Add the following section headings to your paper. Organize your information into these sections:


Outcome 1


Outcome 2


Outcome 3


Expected Performance


Performance Gaps

6. Include at least three training outcomes, based on the TNA.

    Describe each outcome in detailed sentences and paragraphs, ideally about 3 or more paragraphs for each outcome. Explain each outcome as it related to the organizational goals. 

7. Identify the expected performance of the group or individuals as a result of the training

8. Identify performance gaps and detail how training can help close those gaps

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