homework for just Prof Daisy M




Topic/  will send to you by massages


APA style and format.

16-18 pages

5-8 References. (articales, blogs, offical organizations, and no books) (less than 5 years old)

Literature review (4-5 pages).

mid level of vocabulary. 


Proposal include:

1-An introduction; 10%

2-A statement of the problem and hypothesis; 20%

3-A literature review; 20%(important part)(4-5 pages)

4-Proposed methodology; 20%(important part)

5-Summary and discussion; 10%

6-Appendixes, if applicable (such as the survey instrument or questionnaire); and – 10%

7-A bibliography – 10%


 I attach sample for proposal and performance rubric to follow it.


2- critical evaluation of an article from professional journal (one of references)


2 pages


Place implication

Summaries main point



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