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You are required to post items to the course online discussion forum that add value to the topic that is covered that week linking theory to real world examples. You will have two open discussion postings during the semester (Check syllabus calendar for when Open Discussion Postings will be due).

Find & Post (or post a link to) a concept of Communication for Effective Leadership (photo, short video, brief piece of writing, song, etc -- that no one else in class has posted to the blog yet) related to this weeks chapter(s). No two posts can be identical.

I need something like this example below, with a picture as well

To be an effective leader it is important to have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand them, and see how they affect other people. It also means that you can see the emotions of others clearly. If you understand the emotions of others you can avoid potential conflicts and can have productive healthy relationships. Having emotional intelligence also means that you can handle pressure and never let emotions get the best of you.

The five elements that define emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. When you are self-aware, you always know how you feel, and you know how your emotions and your actions can affect the people around you. Self-regulation is the ability to control your emotions and actions. Motivation is the ability to work consistently towards a goal and to have extremely high standards for quality of work. Empathy is when you have an intuitive understanding of other people's emotions, and what may be motivating them. People with good social skills are more likely to work positively with others and manage conflict effectively.

Empathy is shown when you put yourself in someone else's position, pay attention to body language, and respond to feelings. The photograph attached depicts a boss demonstrating empathy to his employee through body language. Body language reveals how you feel about a situation. The man in this photo is displaying eye contact, his hand is on his chin, and he does not have his arms crossed. Surely, this behavior makes the employee comfortable and encourages him to reveal more information. Research has shown that employees feel a higher level of satisfaction when their superiors are empathetic and understanding. When leaders put aside time from their busy schedules to demonstrate empathy productivity increases and the turn around rate is reduced. Having high emotional intelligence is one of the key attributes of being an effective leader. "As a result leaders, with high emotional maturity maintain more cooperative relationships with subordinates, peers, and superiors" (Yukl 141).


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