Look at the video on the net “Empowering Small Businesses”.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjx2DuWdzKc


Prepare 2-3 pages review of the panelist discussion regarding E-business issues and practices in doing business electronically. The review should analyze how IT affects various business models, and examine the company’s security and privacy practices.

    Search the Web for an example of each of the five major types of e-commerce. Prepare written report describing each Web site (take a screenshot of each, if possible) and explain why it fits into one of the five types of e-commerce - B2C, B2B, C2C, P2P,

Some examples:

§  B2C: e-tailers, service providers, portals, content providers, and community providers.

§  B2B: Elemica (consortia), Grainger.com (e-distributors), ChemConnect.com (exchanges).

§  C2C: eBay.com, Half.com, Amazon.com, and others that act as an intermediary between consumers seeking to make transactions.

§  P2P: Sharman Networks (Kazaa), Streamcast Networks, and Frostwire.com.

§  M-commerce: AOL with its AOL Anywhere, Yahoo Mobile, Charles Schwab’s Cybertrader.com, and Moviefone’s reservation system.

·       What are six benefits of doing business electronically? How does e-business help companies reduce the cost of executing transactions, and how does e-business help increase the speed of business?


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