HIT 107


PART I: Short Response Questions


Directions: Please provide detailed and elaborate responses to the following questions. Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments, if possible. For each question, your response must be at least 100 words in length and utilize APA guidelines.


1.      Indicate what the prefix “an-” means and then use the table of anemias on page 130 of your textbook to differentiate among the various types of anemias.


2.      Distinguish between the terms “benign” and “malignant” and specify the meanings of each of their prefixes.


3.      What is a prefix? What is an example of a prefix? Give at least three examples of different medical terms that share that same prefix. Give an example of medical terms that share the same root but have different prefixes.


4.      What is an ectopic pregnancy? Where does implantation of the fertilized egg usually occur? Where does the remainder of ectopic pregnancies occur? What are the treatment options for ectopic pregnancies?



PART II: Essay



5.      Review this module’s required Web resource, Medical terms with the prefix dys- by Virginia J. Allum.  According to the author, what four meanings can dys- have?  Provide examples that are not mentioned in the original article of each of these meanings.  This may require independent Internet research.  Please be sure to define your examples of each instance of dys- as clearly as possible.  Your completed essay must be at least 600 words in length and utilize APA guidelines.

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