History short essay

choose TWO of the following and write an essay of about 350 words for each. And you need to cite the source in the end.
1. Choose TWO of the four applications of technology that the Courts were interested in during the renaissance period.  Make sure to provide an example for each and discuss how it related to patronage.
2.  Industrialization dramatically changed the lives of the English people.  Choose one of the English cities we covered in class and discuss how they changed (for example, Health, Gender, Labor relations, Anti-technology sentiments, Prosperity) with the rise and expansion of industrialization.
3. Of the many ways the invention of the printing press in 15th century changed Europe society, choose TWO and discuss them.
4. Why was the Herring Buss an important innovation during the Dutch Golden Age, and how did it compare to Tulip Mania? 
5. Why did the Americans succeed in building the Panama Canal, where the French had failed?
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