history paper over either 1920's business or new deal


Choose 1 essay question and answer it IN DETAIL as completely as possible. Your essay should include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion and should be written in an ORGANIZED FASHION. Be sure to incorporate ideas brought up in, both, the reading and the lecture. This essay MUST bea minimum of ONE FULL PAGE, DOUBLE SPACED USING A 12pt TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT AND STANDARD MARGINS.


  1. Discuss the federal government’s attitude toward business in the 1920’s. Who were the leading proponents of close government-business relations?


  1. What were the origins, stipulations, and weaknesses of the New Deal’s major recovery programs, the Agricultural Adjustment Act and the National Recovery Administration? Why did the Supreme Court declare both measures unconstitutional?



you can choose either topic! read guidelines above for format and page length(1-1.5 pages is good)

and please only original material! I have to run this through "turnitin"



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