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The Instructional Quality Commission approved the Draft History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools for field review on September 19, 2014. They described the developmental considerations for these years as follows: “The years of adolescence are critical in a student’s emotional, physical, and mental development. Students who, at age twelve, are only beginning to be able to entertain abstract historical or political ideas or reasoning processes will normally, by age sixteen, have the capacity to engage in analytical thought that is “recognizably adult.” This change does not emerge full-blown nor, once under development, is It consistently displayed.”


Your task for this assignment is the following. Choose one of the listed themes below, and develop a unit or a lecture, in which you describe an activity or exercise to engage students, two readings that will provide your students the necessary understanding of the subject, and the didactic material you will cover to supplement the learning. You can only use the material we have covered in class. How would you re-inserting the Chicano/a experience into the historical process? Are you adhering to the Master Narrative of American History, or would you utilize a counter narrative or series of counter narratives to present the material?

Grade Eleven—United States History and Geography: Continuity and Change in Modern United States History

 Connecting with Past Learnings: The Nation’s Beginnings

The Rise of Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration

The Rise of the United States as a World Power

America’s Participation in World War II

The Transformation of Post-World War II America

United States Foreign Policy Since World War II

The Development of Federal Civil Rights and Voting Rights

Social Movements in the 1960s-1970s

Contemporary American Society


 Format: 2-4 pages essay( Times New Roman 12 – Double spaced)

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