• what was political life like in urban areas?
  • How did John Powers maintain power in Chicago’s 19th ward?
  • Why were national political leaders seen as mostly ineffective and corrupt?
  • What was civil service reform? What was the main event that led to a push to this kind of reform?
  • What were some of the economic conditions in the nation’s farms toward the end of the 19th century, and what led to these conditions?
  • What were the Grange and Alliance movements?
  • Who were the Populists, and what was the “Omaha Platform?”
  • What do you think about Professor Moss’ explanation about the currency issue? Did his explanation help you to understand the ideas such as “free silver” and “cross of gold?”
  • How do historians generally regard the legacy of the Populist Party?
  • How did American policymakers and businessmen react to European colonialism?
  • What was the influence of Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan?
  • What were some of the factors that led the US toward intervention in Cuba?
  • According to Professor Moss, what was the most important lesson learned by US military officials from the Spanish-American War?


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