Write a page to a page and half for each topic and read each topic and there attachment carefully and summarize              




  1-Mon Oct 28: The Conflict over Religious Authority in Post-Safavid Iran Attached Files:


                        Attachment : Momen Akhbari School (1).pdf





Moojan Momen, An Introduction to Shi’i Islam, ch.6, 12.


       2- Wed Oct 30: Imperial Reform Movements Attached Files:


Tanzimat Decree (1).pdf


                  Tobacco Concession (2)pdf


                        25 Reform Movements (3) pptx





Cleveland, Modern Middle East, ch.5-6Primary Sources:


Gulhane Edict (1839)


Hatt-i Humayun (1856)


Tobacco Concession






       3- Fri Nov 1: Social and Intellectual Movements in the Early 20th Century Attached Files:


                        alAfghani (1)


                Abduh Theology of Unity (2)






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