Answer the following question in essay format. I will take points off for issues with grammar and spelling. Use multiple paragraphs and answer the question in your own words. Weave your thoughts into a coherent narrative and explain the concept in a way that a reader with no information could understand your ideas. Double space and use MLA format.Your essay must be a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 800 words.

Plagiarism will result in an F for the course and I am not anticipating you needing to use any sources outside of those provided for the course. Should you include outside sources you must provide parenthetical citations in the body of your work and a bibliographic entry for each source.

1) State power began as the dominant power in our federal system, but the federal government has surpassed state power and become the dominant power today. Discuss three factors that led to this reordering of the federal system. Focus on factors discussed in the course materials, particularly the audio lectures.

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