Crosby is interested in European colonization. His basic thesis is that the success of European colonizers was based not as much on cultural and/or technological superiority (the standard view in his time) as it was based biological and ecological variables. Crosby has discussed many of these elements in our readings selected from his book. 

These variables, in Crosby's view, explain why Europeans succeed when the succeed (I.e., "Neo-Europes") and why they fail when they fail. 
Please select three (3) of these variables and discuss the ways in which they are inter-related or comorbid (if you'll excuse the use of a medical term).
Again, don't just describe the thee factors; discuss how they related to, or interact with, each other in an historical context. Use Crosby for support. Examples are always useful to illustrate points. If you do draw specific examples from Crosby, be sure and cite the page number, e.g. (94).
500-600 words, one page. 
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