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For Henry Only- 800-1000 word Essay answering Every question


Assignment Guidelines


Address the following in 800–1,000 words:


Identify and discuss the historical development of corrections in the United States and its influences.


How has corrections evolved since the early years of the United States? Explain.


What were the major milestones in corrections throughout U.S. history? Explain.


◦Define penitentiary.


From where was the concept derived? Explain.


◦Describe and explain the rationale behind the following models:


Penitence model


Reformatory model


Medical model


Reintegration model


Community-based corrections


Crime-control model


◦Discuss the major components and pros and cons of each above model. 


Which model is mainly used today? Provide examples.


Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. (At least 2 reliable references)


Must have cover page, abstract, body, and reference page


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800-1000 word Essay

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Running head: xxxxxxxxxxxx SYSTEMS xxx PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx � xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx �2�

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx



xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxx were xxxxx at correcting the offender xxx teaching him/her x lesson and xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of the criminal xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx meant to xxxxxxx fear into xxxxx xxxxx xx offenders. xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx off xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx The severe xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx public execution xx hanging. This xxx xxxxxxxx for rapists and murderers.

With the xxxxxxxxxxx of common xxxx xxx colonists xxxx xxxxxxx systems from their xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx judges previously. Slowly by xxxxxxx the colonists developed x criminal xxxxxxx system that xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx in xxx development xx x xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx in America. xx xxxxx xxx first xxxxxx was established xx Philadelphia xxxxx New York xxxxx the

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