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Help with Technological information Case Study

Case Study

You have been working for some time at UMUC Pizza, a pizza restaurant located near the UMUC campus.  The owner, Bill, is very interested in expanding his successful business.  He has just bought Priority Pizza, a pizza shop in a good location across town, and has hired a store manager.  He has decided to name the new business (at both locations) UMUC Pizza.  Bill’s research shows that there are many other local stores that sell pizza:  outlets for major pizza chains in malls and other locations, small outlets and specialty shops, and larger restaurants.  While Bill has been keeping all his records of orders, sales and inventory on paper, the records at Priority Pizza are located on the manager’s PC in Excel files.  Bill realizes that he must treat the two stores as a single business, with one set of accounts, one billing system, etc.  He thinks this is also a good time to stop using paper records for his orders, sales and inventory.  Bill really hopes to continue to expand his business by buying other pizza outlets, but he will need good information about his current businesses to know when he should make his next acquisition.  He has asked you to help him develop the business strategy and IT Plan to accomplish his goals.  You know that there are methodologies for analyzing the business environment and that there are multiple ways to expand the business.  You also recognize that IT is an important component for achieving Bill’s goals.   

 1.     Explain Porter’s Five Forces Model and how Bill can use it to analyze his current business and his expansion.  Be sure to address each of the 5 forces and explain to Bill what they mean for his UMUC Pizza business.


 2.     Based on your analysis in question #1, select one of the five forces and explain how Bill can incorporate his analysis of that force into his Strategic Business Plan (SBP). 


 3.     List three business areas and/or processes used in the UMUC Pizza shops that could be supported by an IT solution.


4.     List and describe (in two or three sentences each) three IT projects that should be a part of Bill’s IT Plan – one project to support each area and/or process identified in question #3 above.


5.     Explain how each IT project listed above specifically improves and/or supports Bill’s UMUC Pizza business.


6.      If Bill decides to enter the world of eCommerce, which of the eCommerce models (business-to-business, customer-to-business, business-to-customer, or customer-to-customer) would you recommend to him as a best fit for his business and how would it benefit his business? 


7.     Describe for Bill what a Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution would look like for his UMUC Pizza business and how his business could benefit from implementing an SCM solution.


 8.     Describe for Bill what an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution would look like for his UMUC Pizza business and how his business could benefit from implementing an ERP solution.


 9.     What benefits would Bill get for his business from implementing a relational database?  Your response must be tied directly to Bill’s pizza stores.


10.  Make a list of five ways that Bill could protect the data and systems that he is going to put in place.  Consider the type of data and systems that would be relevant to Bill’s pizza stores.


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Running xxxxx xxxx PIZZA

xxxx xxxxx





xxxxxxx Porter’s Five xxxxxx xxxxx xxx how Bill can xxx it to analyze xxx current business xxx xxx expansion. Be sure to address each xx xxx x forces and xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx they mean xxx xxx xxxx Pizza business.

Porter five models xx x model xxxx is utilized in xxx development of xxxxxxxx strategy and xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxx xx the current state of x business performance. The five force xxxxx works xx follows:

Threats of xxx new entrants

The model focuses xx the xxx xxxxxxx xxxx by xxx firms xx the xxxxxxx Other xxxxxxxx is affected xx the profitability that xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx the firms may lead to xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx

Threats of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx or services

The xxxxxxxx in the existence of other xxxxxxxx other than xxx realm of xxx existing product in xxx market xxxx increase xxx xxxxxxxxxx of consumers xxxxxx xxx substitutes xx the product. xxxx xxxx xxxx to xxxxxxx

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xxxxxxx xxxxxx’s xxxx Forces Model and how xxxx can use it xx analyze his xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx  Be sure xx address xxxx xx xxx 5 xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx what xxxx mean xxx xxx xxxx Pizza business.

xxxxxxx Porter xxx provided a structure xxxx gives five xxxxxx that influence the operations xx x business. xx xxx case xxxxx that has been xxxxxxxxx it xx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx in affecting the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxxxx xx Bill`s xxxxx business. xx xxxxxxx how xxxx will xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx it is important to xxxxxxx xxxx of xxx five forces xxx represent how they xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx business. xxxxxxxx xxxxx is one xx the forces xxxx xxxxxx has presented.

xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx required to xxxx the production xx pizzas possible. xx regard to supply power, xxxx should xx xx a xxxxxxxx to evaluate the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx suppliers, xxx the xxxxxx that the suppliers are willing and xxxx to provide xx xxx

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