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SOC 2133 Thinglink Research Project
As your final project, you will create a Thinglink analyzing a social problem (ie. abortion,domestic violence, inferior education, poverty), of your choice. Use the following steps inwriting your paper:
1. You should first choose your social problem. You can use your text as an idea source oryou may choose on your own. Your problem should be broad enough to find sources
but not too broad you cannot find two similar articles.2. Use MELO to research your topic. Remember you need a scholarly journal article. Thismeans a publication that is peer reviewed and conducted using proper sociologicalresearch practices and theories. The more specific you are able to be in your search thebetter. You will also need to use the internet or print sources to find a journalisticarticle about the same problem. Make sure both articles are written about the sametopic.3. Read and summarize your articles. Be sure to include the correct citation in yoursummary.4. Write a rough draft of your Thinglink.5. Turn in your final draft.
The Thinglink project will be broken down into multiple assignments throughout the semester.The assignments and due dates are listed below.
1. You must choose a topic by the due date in Canvas. (10 points)2. Once you have you topic approved, you need to research your topic. You must use atleast two different articles
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