Help with Excel discussion


Using Excel 2013, you have to prepare summaries of the insurance reimbursements, highlighting the pertinent data in your spreadsheet, for a presentation at a meeting with clinic managers.


  • Explain what type of information you think is important for clinic managers.
  • How is this information different from what the vice presidents would be interested in?
  • How will you format your Excel worksheet? In other words, using specific details, such as headings, color, conditional formatting, sheet tabs, sparklines, graphs, tables, etc., please describe all of the features in Excel you would use to create your worksheet.


Hello Class,


For this discussion, I would like for you to incorporate just about everything you have learned in MS Excel and apply it to the construction of your worksheet. I want you to explain in detail providing step-by-step instructions on everything we have covered in our assignments. Please use your coursebook! I would also like to see some of the terms used in Excel. This will be a great discussion to help you with your final quiz next week.

I look forward to your posts with plenty of questions and comments!

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