willing to pay for essay to be started and finished. It is 1500 words and done on the topic . Describe a significant archaeological site in California and explain why it is significant to our history.

Please write a 1,500 word essay on the topic that matches your last name alphabetically (i.e., if your last name is McCosker, you write on topic 3).  Your essay will be graded on two general areas:  written content and writing conventions.  The conventions refer to the spelling, grammar, citations, capitalization and format of your writing.  The content refers to the style, topic, thesis, supporting evidence and sophistication of your argument.  I wrote the questions in an open ended manner so that you will have room to express yourself freely while (hopefully) avoiding the plague that is internet plagiarism.  You will need to express an opinion with these questions.

You must cite three sources, and your citations should follow the format of the Chicago Manual of Style.  The manual is widely available in bookstores, libraries and online.  Here is a link:

Please post questions to the discussion board or e mail me if you need any clarification.. 
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