Research Paper Approval form


Instructions: During Module/Week 1, identify an upcoming research paper assignment from a concurrent course that you will use for GRST 500/501. Fill out the Research Paper Approval Form below. Be sure to include (copy and paste) ALL your professor's assignment instructions from your professor’s syllabus. This way your GRST instructor will have all necessary information about your upcoming paper. View this form as a binding contract between you and your GRST instructor, describing the paper which you intend to complete to fulfill the requirements of this course.




Note: If you do not have a research paper due in another course, you will have to write an original research paper. Start by reading Chapter 9 of the Heady textbook. Once you read Chapter 9, e-mail your GRST instructor for more insight into possible topics for a research paper. The textbook is a free PDF available in the Course Content.




Assignment Goal: Identify your Research Paper topic and due date and receive GRST instructor approval. Show that you understand your research paper is due by the end of Module/Week 6 of GRST 500/501 to your GRST instructor and the Online Writing Center. Next, you must submit a final, improved revision of your Research Paper based on the feedback from these two sources. You will pass the final draft assignment if your revision improves the Research Paper Grading Rubric score that you earn on your rough draft.




Specific Requirements: The body of your research paper must be at least eight pages with at least eight scholarly sources. A discussion board post is not a research paper, a group paper or book review is not acceptable, nor can you combine smaller assignments. To pass this course, you must write a graduate-level research paper, receive a grading rubric score on your fully-completed draft, and then improve that grading rubric score in a final revision of your paper.




Research Paper Approval Form (with example):


Your name

Ms. Jane Doe


Counseling 501

Professor’s name

Dr. Smith

Paper topic


*DRAFT due date

Module/Week 6

*OWC FEEDBACK due date

Module/Week 7

*REVISION due date

Module/Week 8

Length of paper

8+ pages of text

Number of sources


Specifics of the assignment

(Pasted from your other course)




*Note: You must submit your completed draft to your GRST instructor and to the Online Writing Center (due Module/Week 6). You must show your GRST instructor that you have received OWC feedback on your paper (due Module/Week 7). Then, you must make a final, improved revision of your paper to pass the course (due Module/Week 8). You must improve the grading rubric score that you earn on your draft submission. You might be pressed for time, so remember that though feedback from the OWC normally takes 48–72 hours, during Week 7, feedback often takes one week. This means that once you successfully submit your paper, you will receive it back within one week. Feedback from your GRST instructor also takes about a week. Therefore, your completed draft is due at least by Module/Week 6. To pass, plan to submit your draft before or during Module/Week 6 of this course.




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