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MHA 622 Week 3 Discussion...

Healthcare Administration Paper; Malpractice Suits and Legal Concerns for Medical Administration


1.     Malpractice Suits Discuss how physician malpractice suits can be decreased. How can a doctor be sued for malpractice? What current practices do doctors perform in order to avoid law suits? What are the impacts of these practices? How can one check for any malpractice suit against a doctor?


2.     Legal Concerns for Medical Administration Evaluate why prescribing, control, and administration of medications is a major area of legal concern for health care providers. What is the impact of medication errors to the patient and the health care provider? Discuss ways doctors make mistakes in prescribing medication. What kinds of errors do nurses make regarding the administration of medications? Review the documentaryChasing Zero and, in addition to conducting your own research, address the methods or practices that you feel would be most effective in reducing medication/prescribing errors. 

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Healthcare Administration Paper; Malpractice Suits and Legal Concerns for Medical Administration

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Healthcare xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Paper; Malpractice Suits and Legal Concerns xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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xxxxxxx’s Name:

xxxx of University:

Insert xxxxx’s xxxxxx


Healthcare Administration

xx xxxxxxxxxxx Suits:

Discuss how physician xxxxxxxxxxx suits xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx a xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx current practices do doctors xxxxxxx in xxxxx to avoid xxx suits? xxxx xxx xxx impacts xx these xxxxxxxxxxx

Medical xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxx controversial xxxxx xxxxx 1970s. Research shows xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxx physicians have xxxxxxxxxx about xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx hence calling xxxx legal reforms xx xxxx xxx issue. Though there is high xxxxxx of xxxxxxx malpractices in xxx hospitals, the good news xx that xxxxx xxx x number of xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx can xx to xxxx physical xxxxxxxxxxxx New xxxxxxxx shows that xx xxx

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