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In our increasingly virtual world, clear and concise email communication is of the utmost importance. In the academic world, it is your main mode of communication between your professor, your classmates, and yourself. As a professional, it may be the first impression you make with a prospective employer, so it needs to be professional, succinct, and free from errors.

Review Chapter 4, Email Etiquette, pp. 21–27 from the link below:

Section 1: Your College Writing Experience

For your initial response, please address the following questions:

  1. Why is it important to include a greeting in an academic or professional email message?
  2. What might be the consequences of not including your signature in an email to a professor, a classmate or a prospective employer?
  3. Why is proofreading for grammar and spelling errors important?
  4. Why is it not okay to format an email message as you would format a text message?

Please be sure to use a greeting and a signature and proofread your work before submitting to its intended audience.

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