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Week 3-Discussion Question

Health Information Systems

"National Infrastructure" Please respond to the following:

  • Describe three (3) national infrastructures that require interoperability between all hospitals in the United States. Next, suggest two (2) ways that the use of an integrated delivery system improves the quality of patient services. Justify your response.
Submitted by kim woods on Tue, 2017-07-18 09:21
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Health Information Systems

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file1.doc preview (417 words)

xxxxxxx Head: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx SYSTEMS 1 HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEMS � PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx Information xxxxxxx

Student Name

University xxxxx

Instructor’s xxxxx

Date xx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Systems

Certain xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx the improvement xx care in xxx various health xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx xxxxxx hence xxx xxxx xxx interoperability xx xxx same for xxxxxx xxxxxxxx One xx xxxxx infrastructures xx the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx When this information xx efficiently exchanged xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx patients would experience improved xxxx and xx the xxxx time there xxxxx be xx xxxx xx xxxxxx tests xxxx xxxxxxxx on xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx that the xxxxxx providers xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx when it xx needed xxx xxx xx to improve care. xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx technology is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx ensures speedy and easy flow of xxxxxx information xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx The new xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx to great innovations in xxx xxxxxxx sector and xxxxxxxxxx can easily xxxxx the findings and xxx them to offer xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx their patients.

xxx innovations xxxx brought about sophisticated xxx important xxxxxxxxx that xx used xx treatment or diagnosis xx xxxxxxxxxx Patient’x xxxxxxx and xxxxx useful xxxxxxx xxx xx stored xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by phyllis young on Tue, 2017-07-18 10:00
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Health Information Systems

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Running xxxxx xxxxxxxx INFRASTRUCTURE 1


Health xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx



xxxxxxxx xxxxx (3) xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx interoperability xxxxxxx all xxxxxxxxx in the United xxxxxxx

Ciampa (2013) xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx are xxx xxxxxxxx infrastructure that require xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx hospitals xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx Servers are xxx storage xxxxx that xxxxxx patient’x xxx medical xxxxx x single server xxxxxx be used to xxxxxx that xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx trend can be xxxxxxxxx with easiness xx the country xx he department xx health and xxxxx services. xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx used by health facilities should be same. Sharing xx xxxx xxx xxxx known to xxx xxxxxxxxxx where software and hardware xxxx are xxxxxxxxxxxxx Most xx xxx health facilities xxx a software that xx unique and incompatible xxxx others making sharing of xxxx difficult (Menachemi, 2012). xxxx and Apple xxxxxxxxx which xxx xxx xxxx hardware deployed xx health facilities xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx connect.

xxxxx suggest two (2) xxxx xxxx the xxx xx an integrated delivery system xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xx patient services. xxxxxxx your xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx make it xxxxxxxx to

- - - more text follows - - -

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