Health Economics


We are at early stages of figuring out how to implement the healthcare reform or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by 2014. Although we have a blueprint, not all issues have been fully worked out; let alone the short and long-term implications of the new system for individuals, firms and the nation. Growing-pain is anticipated and requires intelligent and evidence-based decisions. Your task is to begin the process of learning what the ACA ‘could’ means to physicians and other healthcare professional workers in the sector.





1.      What was the precipitating event behind the ACA? Why did Society have to do this?


a.       Healthcare Spending Overview


                                                               i.      Per capita


                                                             ii.      Total spending


                                                           iii.      Root causes?


b.      Final order effects - ACA


c.       How will it effect the Medical Professionals? (general overview?)




2.      Historical context of medical professional demographics


a.       Reimbursements


b.      Training programs


c.       Break down:


                                                               i.      DRG


                                                             ii.      Reimbursement


                                                           iii.      Value based purchasing












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