Health care management assignment


Using the case study from the text Frates, J. (2014). Health care management: Theory in action. San Diego, CS: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Case study: Texas Health harris Methodist- Cleburne: A System Approach to Surgical Improvement.

1. Explain organizational theories evidenced in the case

2. Analyze how Texas Health Harris Methodist-Cleburne is a learning organization.

3. Explain the organizational structure displayed in this case study.

Describe the leaders involved in this case.

Discuss the role of the leaders in this case study

Including an intorduction and conclusion paragraph, the paper must be 3-5 pages (excluding title and reference pages). Including textbook a total of 3 refs. Double spaced, running headers and in APA style. Please use scholarly sources/ peer-reviewed written in last 5 years.

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