As a health care administrator, how would you educate staff on HIPAA rules and regulations? Would you educate once per year, or more often? Would you test staff to assess their understanding? Would education be face-to-face or online?


2.What is a covered entity as defined by HIPAA?

3.As a health care administrator, how would you help make your staff feel comfortable still reporting cases when it's required, even if the patient does not want to report the issue?  Would you have clear policies for them to follow?  Would you provide job-scope training regularly so the employees are clear on the process?

4.-As a patient, how do you feel about your insurance carrier reviewing your medical records if needed?  Are you fine with that practice, or do you feel your consent should be obtained first?  Why?

5.-What is EMTALA?  Who does EMTALA apply to?


150 words each with refrence if needed

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