HCS/433 HCS 433 Week 5 Learning Team Health Promotion Project

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Prepare a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation accompanied by a brochure or poster that summarizes the chronic health issue in older adults and the health promotion program your team designed to address the issue.


Include the following in the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation:


·         Demographics specific to proposed clientele for the program

·         Information on a chronic health issue, including national statistics and effects on the individual

·         Costs of the health promotion project

·         Potential funding for the program

·         Time frame for implementation of the health program

·         Projected location for the program

·         Personnel needed for program implementation

·         Plan for promotion of the program


Use a minimum of five references to support your presentation.


Refer to the Health Promotion Project located on the student website for more information.

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    HCS433 Week 5 Learning Team Health Promotion Project / (UoP)

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