HCA 421 Week 5 Assignment (Mayo Clinic)

Choose one of the health care organizations listed below and conduct an analysis of their strategic planning and evaluation of the organization.  You should utilize any and all information available about the organization.  Examples of valid resources can include but are not limited to organizational websites, annual reports, personal interviews with organizational leadership, investigative reports, government reports, and conference transcripts.  Your paper should include a minimum of five of the key areas, concepts, and strategies outlined throughout the text.  These should include, but are not limited to: internal and external assessments;  competitive marketing analysis;  identification of stakeholders;  overview and assessments of services provided;  competencies and resource;  public entities and regulatory requirements;  demographics served;  strategic financial planning;  financial and operational outcomes;  current and future direction of the organization of choice, etc.

Health care organizations of choice are:

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)

Tenet Health System

Mayo Clinic

Henry Ford Health System

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Children’s Miracle Network

Deborah Heart and Lung Center


Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Planned Parenthood

Indian Health Service (IHS)

Health Markets

8 - 10 pages in APA format


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    HCA 421 Week 5 Assignment (Mayo Clinic)

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