Group Counseling Paper


Do a paper on a group process of your choosing either what you have learned through a guest speaker in class, going to an assigned event or from an article you have read. Include a bibliography with at least two secondary sources clearly identified. Primary source research by interviewing a staff of a local non-profit, school or public agency that provides services through a group process, what works and what didn’t seem to work.  Describe the process, organization sponsoring the group process and type of group (i.e. psychotherapy, support of other kind of group)


Papers must be at least 3 – 4 pages long, typewritten and with a bibliography.

Required minimum format: state the goals of the group and clearly describe:

How the group is addressing the reason(s) the group has formed and its goals

What specifically has been done to address it, i.e. the challenges and success?


How you see the role of small group process in making positive change within that organization or movement – either now or at some future time in your life. 

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