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For this Reading Response, think about the ways love (romance, sex, familial love, etc. etc. etc.) is treated and discussed in both Raymond Carver's "What We Talk About..." and Alice Walker's "Laurel." If there different ways love is represented in the two stories, account for the disparities. If you see characters and/or the narrator of the stories regarding love in a simliar manner, explore why you think it's similiar.

This question is fairly open-ended so be sure you're clear about what you're arguing from the beginning. Also, when using examples and quotes from the text, be sure you're not just plunking them in. Explain them. Explore them. Don't do hit-and-run quotes!

PLEASE NOTE: you must also include an MLA Works Cited entry for both short stories! Only one person in the class did this properly last time. Use the MLA citation for a work in an anthology. Consult Purdue OWL or ask me, if you need help. If your response is missing the Works Cited entry, you will automatically be deducted 10 points from your grade.

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