Golden Rule Paper: Business Ethics

Golden Rule Paper. Each student will be required to write a three-page essay on “The Golden Rule.” The essay will contain reflection on Jesus’ “Golden Rule” as well as reflection on how that rule applies to the conduct of business. This is NOT a research project, but a simple essay in APA format due week 3. Each student must:
  1. Define the “Golden Rule.” What was Jesus saying in Matthew 7 when he gave us this instruction? What was the context? 
  2. How was it a summary of God’s laws (see Matthew 5 and Matthew 7)? What is the purpose of this teaching?
  3. Define the benefit of following the Golden Rule.
  4. Summarize the benefit of following the Golden Rule in business.
  5. What ways will it make business more difficult?
  6. What ways will it make business run more smoothly?

Please Reference:   John C. Maxwell  " There's No Such Thing As "Business" Ethic" & Bible

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