Going to School Changed My View of Life When I was a kid I grew up in the comfort of my...


Going to School Changed My View of Life

When I was a kid I grew up in the comfort of my family members. The major event that transformed my life was going to school. As a kid, this was the best kind of life and nothing needed to come in between. I was used to spending much time with my family and I really did not need anything to come in between this kind of life that I comfortably enjoyed with my family.  It never at any one time occurred to me that a time was to come when I was to join them in this school going thing. But I was really wrong, the time for me to start going to school did come and I found myself being prepared to go to school.

My mother explained all the benefits of going to school to try and change my thinking, her having known that I always never liked the idea. She told stories of the kind of grown up schooled school girl and boys lead, the kind of good cars they drive, the kind of good houses they build and everything you can just think of to make a kid start going to school. But it was all in vain. Her words never meant anything and if they did, they meant me being separated from the comfort of my family and friends and being placed in the torture kind of life that ids associated with school going. The thing I hated most about school was that every now and then I used to see my elder brother and sister very busy doing homework. They had no time for the television and just very little time for playing. They seemed to join mom in the theory of school being good in that first morning I was to go to school but that just made me see them as enemies, at least for the first time. Realizing that I was determined not to go to school, my mother carried me and took me to school. She placed me in the hands of the teacher and left. How could she be so unkind to me? Why did she have to do this to me? These and many other questions crossed my mind after she had left.


It was really a hard day and by the time the break time came, I really had confirmed my fears that school is not a good place. The teacher was asking every other kid to give their full names, where they live, who are their parents and things of the sort. It was a hard time for me when my turn came. I could not put it all together and explain myself. When we went out for break, I sneaked out of school but was easily followed by the teacher, who seemingly had noticed my discomfort in school. It was hard for me to adjust. Going to school really did change my life.

undeline these things and name them 

-  varied sentece structure 

- dialouge

- figurative laguage

- make the uniteresting intersting 

- good diction


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