Emerging from bankruptcy GM's commitment to smaller more fuel efficient cars has resulted in a move from a GM corporation to a smaller GM company, selling off and phasing out brands and changing logos are steps toward a new GM. With the Obama administration's desire for a complete ocerhaul of GM's structure, the U.S. Treasury became the company's biggest stockholder. While American tax payers had a greater than 40% ownership in the new company. New management teams representing stability and design appear to set the stage for a match point.

1.Is GMs organizational structure aligned with its strategies? If so why? If not, what is needed?

2. What organizational controls do you think were lacking in the old GM? What organizational controls are needed at the new GM?

3. What specific strategic controls do you believe are key to GM's future success? 

4. Recognizing GM's current state, how do you see the new GM strategy and structure relationship? How do you see it evolving? 

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