Global sustainbility



For the country that you have selected to study for this semester, create a PowerPoint presentation that highlights at least 3 major environmental issues with which it is currently confronting.  Ideally, at least one of these would pertain to its biosphere, one to its hydrosphere, and one with its atmosphere, but you may select them as need be to best suit the issues for the country itself.  Make a slide for each issue.  On each slide you should include the following:

  • A paragraph description of the problem – including who/what is impacted by it and who/what is responsible for creating/contributing to it
  • Either a picture illustrating how the issue appears on the landscape or a map highlighting the areas that are impacted by the issue.  Also include a one or two sentence caption about the picture/map
  • A paragraph discussion of how the issue is potentially affecting the sustainability of the country itself, as well as the surrounding region (or perhaps even the whole earth), and what steps people could/should be taking to reduce the threat of this issue


Be sure to include a “works citied” slide that includes proper (i.e., full) bibliographic citations for all sources that you use for this assignment.


the COUNTRY IS ITALY so write about italy psl

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