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1st assignment

Write a 300-word proposal in which you do each of the following:


    State the museum focus that you will use for your Final Project. Recall that the choices are:

        Industry and Commerce

        History and Natural History

        Science and Technology

        Arts and Culture

    Explain why this focus is important to, and evident in, your city.

    Explain how this focus would be relevant to a visitor from another global city.


Here are some additional information which will help with this assignment.

Write a proposal to the local government explaining which perspective should be the museum's focus.

Describe concrete ways in which this focus is evident and important to your city.

Describe how this focus is appealing to visitors from outside your city.

Describe the most important permanent exhibit in the museum.

Explain how this permanent exhibit uses objects, themes, and ideas to represent the citizens who make up the city.

The city I chose is Jackson and you may choose any of the state museum listed above, which are highlighted.

2nd assignment

  • What challenges does Vizio face as it attempts to introduce a new line of products into a mature industry?
  • Use the Internet to learn more about Vizio. Describe the company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • What opportunities and threats does the company face?
  • Which of the three strategies described in this chapter is Vizio using? Do you think that Vizio’s strategy for competing in the PC and laptop market will be successful? Explain.

Write a 1-2 page paper detailing the above questions, and be sure to cite your references.

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