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The Genesis operations management team, nearing completion of its agreement with Sensible Essentials, was asked by senior management to present a capital plan for the operating expansion. The capital plan was not to be a wish list but an analysis of the n

Submitted by shahimermaid on Tue, 2012-08-07 22:59
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xxxxxxx xxxx Budget ($000)
xxxJanxxx Marchxxxxx xxxxxxxJulyAug xxxx xxx xxxDecMarchxxxxxxxxDec xxxxx
xxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxx Balance
Sales (Reference only)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx350,000 400,000xxxxxxx 550,000 700,000 xxxxxxx 650,000 900,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx150,000190,0003,000,000 2,400,000
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx
xxx xx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx40,000 70,000xxxxxx 100,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx140,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 150,000xxxxxxx30,000xxxxxx xxxxxxx480,000
xxx in first xxxxx after xxxx xxxxxx60,000105,000 120,000150,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 270,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 45,000xxxxxx 900,000720000
xxx in xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx sale 105,00070,000122,500 140,000xxxxxxx 192,500245,000245,000 227,500 315,000297,500xxxxxx66,500 1050000 xxxxxx
xxx xx third xxxxx xxxxx xxxx120,000xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 220,000280,000280,000 260,000xxxxxxx 60,00076000
xxxxx Case Receipts xxxxxx15,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 15,000 xxxxxx 15,000xxxxxx 15,000 15,000xxxxxx xxxxxx 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000
Total xxxx Inflow75,000 145,000 250,000390,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 995,000 997,500 xxxxxx 128,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Cash Outflows
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx (reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx175,000 200,000 250,000275,000350,000 xxxxxxx 325,000450,000 425,000375,000 250,000xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1,200,000
Payment xxx Material Purchase
xxxx in xxxxx after purchase150,000 100,000 175,000 200,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx350,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx425,000 375,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx1,500,000 1,200,000
Other xxxx xxxxxxxx
Other production xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 82,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx127,500112,50022,500 xxxxxxxxxxxxx360000
of Material xxxx xxxx month
after Purchase
xxxxxxx and Marketing Expense xxxxxx 10,000 17,500 20,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx35,00035,00032,50045,000xxxxxx 37,50025,0007,5009,500xxxxxxx120,000

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file2.docx preview (1060 words)

xxxxxxx is xxxxxx xx xxxx the xxxx xxxxxx xxx future 2 years. xxx xxxxx cash xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx and the second one is prepared on quarterly basis. As xxx company starts xx make xxx cash xxxxxx for xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxx the details about xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx cash xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx To xxxxxxx I recommend that the company borrow x 2, xxxxxx at (5 for one xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx become xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xx borrowing short xxxx xxx each xxxxxx xxx company will bear xxxx cost also.

xxxxx xxxx three option: to borrow 2,00,000; 250,000 xx 3,00,000. Borrowing 2 xxxx will xxxx company xxxxxx xxxx often and if the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 3 xxxxx there will always xx xxxxxx cash. So xxxxxxxxx 2.50 xxxx makes xxx company xxxxxxxx in most of xxx months.

In xxx month xx December xxxx xxxxxx is 75,000 xxx outflow is 3,00,000. There xx x shortfall xx 2,25,000. xx the xxxx balance in the xxxxxxxxx of December xxx 15,000, xxxxx xx a xxxxxxxxx xx $2,10,000. As is desired,

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