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Genesis Energy Capital Plan Report

Genesis Capital plan report

The Genesis operations management team, nearing completion of its agreement with Sensible Essentials, was asked by senior management to present a capital plan for the operating expansion. The capital plan was not to be a wish list but an analysis of the necessary expenditures to successfully establish a fully equipped operating facility overseas.

In addition, senior management requested meaningful financial and operating metrics to ensure that the performance objectives for the facility were being met. The operations management team was given five days to accomplish the following:

Calculate the firm’s WACC.

Prepare and analyze each planned capital expenditure.

Evaluate, rank, and recommend the capital expenditures according to beneficial value to the organization, using evaluation tools NPV, payback, and IRR. Evaluation, ranking, and recommendations should be by category of expenditures. For example, facility, equipment 1, 2, and 3, and inspection.

Using the selected choices in part three, calculate the full cost of establishing a fully equipped facility. This would include the facility, equipment 1, 2, and 3, and inspection. In addition, calculate the payback, NPV, and IRR for the completed facility.

Construct and recommend between three and five metrics to measure the performance of the organization. At least one metric should be dividend decision-making driven.

Prepare an executive summary along with a separate document showing the calculations.

Following the example of the operations management team, do the following:

Download the Capital Budgeting spreadsheet, and compute the WACC for Genesis.

Using the information provided in the spreadsheet, analyze Genesis’s project options.

Using the information provided, calculate the periodic and cumulative net cash flows for each potential project and its associated options. Please note that there are 5 projects (facility, equipment pieces 1, 2, and 3, and internal inspection) and that each project offers multiple configuration options (facility size, equipment type, etc.).

Evaluate, rank, and recommend a specific option for each capital project according to beneficial value to the organization, using evaluation tools NPV, payback, and IRR.

Construct and recommend between three and five metrics to measure the performance of the new operating strategy. At least one metric should reflect dividend policy as it relates to rewarding shareholders.

Prepare an executive summary describing your recommendations for each project and the overall cost, net cash flows, and expected returns of the operating configuration that you recommend. Be sure to justify your recommendations in terms of the investment criteria applied in Step 3 above. Be sure to report the full cost of the facility as it is configured per your recommendations. Present and justify your operating strategy performance metrics.

Your complete report should include all of your calculations as appendices (5 pages, or 1 page for each project).

Write a 5–6-page report in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstinitial_M6_A2.doc.

March 17, 2012, deliver your assignment to the M6: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Submitted by Google on Thu, 2015-07-23 14:49
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(WORD+EXCEL+PPT ATTACHED))Unit 5: Module 5 - M5 Assignment 2 Assignment 2: Required Assignment 2—Genesis Energy Capital Plan Report (NEW COURSE)A++++Tutorial Use as Guide

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file1.pptx preview (490 words)

xxxxxxx Energy

Executive summary on Analysis xx xxxxxxxx xx operating xxxxxxxxx

Projects xxx Metrics xx Analyze.

xxxxxxxxx xxx Genesis xxxxxx xx xxxxx xx make a contract xxxx Sensible Energy to xxxxxxxxx xxx project of xxxxxxxxx expansion. xxxxxxxxxx xxx been made xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxx expenditure of xxxxxxx for next 10 years xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx be xxxxxxxxx xxxx different xxxxxxx xxx xxxx to evaluate xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx project xx with better outlook xxxx xxxxxxxx decision can xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx are xxxx xxxxx Payback Period, xxxxxxxxxxxxx Index and xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx

xxx WACC is xxxxxxxxxx to 3.55%


The expected xxxx of xxx project xx xxxxx xx 10 or x xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx further divided into sub part or options xxx analyzed xx xxx xxxxxxx picture. So, xxxx five different xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx pieces 1, 2, xxx xx and xxxxxxxx inspection) xxx undertaken, xxx multiple-configuration xxxxxxx (facility

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (1114 words)

Genesis xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx




xxxxxxxxx Summary

Recently, xxx Genesis xxxxxx is xxxxx xx make a xxxxxxxx with xxxxxxxx Energy xx xxxxxxxxx the project of operating xxxxxxxxxx xxx before going xxxxx xxxx this project, study of xxxxxxx’x xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx estimation xxx xxxx made xxxxxxxxx the income xxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx for next 10 years so its xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx assessed. Five xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx evaluate the xxxxxxxxxxx xx project so with xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx concrete decision xxx be made.

xxxxxxx Energy xxx debt xxx Equity xx its xxxxxxxx There xx xx xxxxxxxxxx share. The xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx of capital xxxxxx xxxxx xx 3.55%. The expected xxxx of xxx project xx xxxxx as xx xx x xxxxx xxxxxxxxx to its xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx divided into sub xxxx xx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx to get broader picture. So, xxxx xxxx different projects xxxxxxxxxx equipment

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.xlsx preview (397 words)


Genesis Energy xxxx
xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xInterestxxxxx Weighted
TotalRate xxxxxxx Rate
xxxxxxxx Payable* xxxxxxx7.50% xx 0%
Short-term xxxx Payablex xxxxxxx 2.50% xx $8,000.00
Total xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx x 400,00010.00%
xxxxxxxxx Note xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mortgage xxxxxxx* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6% xxxxxxxxxx
Total xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Stock Equity x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2% $30,000.00
Operating xxxxxx x xxxxxxx 12.50% 0.0%
xxxxx Liabilities xxx Equityx 4,000,000100.00%xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Genesis Energy xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Initial Investment xxxx xxxxCash Flow Cash xxxx xxxx xxxxCash Flow CashflowxxxxxxxxCashflowCashflow Cashflow
Y1Y2 Y3Y4Y5 Y6xx Y8Y9xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx PERIOD MIRRPI xxxxxxxxxx PAYBACKCapital ProjectPV'S Average xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx A: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx-400 xxx xxxxxxx 10001000 xxxx1000xxxxxxxxx 10% xxxx7.95%1.73 Project Axxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxx -2500-2900 -2700xxxxx -1300 xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx-$0.01xxxxx $0.01$0.03 $0.03 $0.03 $0.03xxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx facility -2500xxxx-200xxx 400400 xxxxxxxxxxxx 15001500xxxxxxxxxxxx5.67xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx B $6,074.81
xxxxx xxxxx -2900 -2800xxxxxxxxxxxxxx100025004000 xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx-$0.01 xxxxxx$0.00xxxxx $0.01$0.05xxxxx $0.05$0.05xxxxx0.0267
xxxxxxx xx 75-emp xxxxxxxx-3000-300 -400xxxxxxxxxx2000 200020002000 2000 $4,931.03xxxxxxx 12.61% xxxx Project C$7,931.03
-3000 xxxxx xxxxx -3800 xxxxx -2500 -5001500 xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx -$0.01xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx$0.07 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Project A, B xxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx4500 4500xxxx xxxx $2,899.41 15%xxxx11.33% xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx
-7500 xxxxx -9100 xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2200 6700xxxxx15700
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx -$0.03-$0.01xxxxx $0.05 xxxxx $0.15xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Equipment 1 - xxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by RSaleem on Wed, 2014-04-09 16:41
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TWO Perfect Tutorials - Well-Explained - Reliable - A - Graded

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Genesis Capital xxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx


The xxxxxxxx on xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is among the most xxxxxxxxxxx x firm has to xxxxx x decision xx xxxxx x xxx plant xx xxxxxx into x xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx the performance of the xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx decade. The capital xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx involves xxx xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx for x project with a xxxx xx at xxxxx xxx year xxx usually xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx budgeting helps in xxxxxxxxxxx that how should a firm xxxxxx xxx capital.

xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx Capital budgeting options xxxx are: Payback period (which xxxxxxxx the xxxx or number xx xxxxx which is required to cover xxx initial xxxxxx xx investment in the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx (this xx xxxx known xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx which xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx financial statements), xxxxxxxxxx Payback xxxxxx (which analysis xxx xxxx or xxxxxx xx xxxxx which xx required to cover the initial xxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - - preview (1086 words)

xxxxxxx Operations xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx Operations Management

Present xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx has xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx Manufactures high xxx xxxxxxxxx software xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has one xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxx only. Genesis xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xx

xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx develops xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx software and hardware xxxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx use. xxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx its production xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the United xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx has xxxxxxxxxx in Canada xxx xxxxxxxx xxx need xxx xxxxxxx expansion in xxxxx xx xxxxxxx timely xx global customers.


xxxxxxxxx Situation

xxxxxxx has xxx xxxxxxxxx Sources The xxxxx xxx is its xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx one xx Equity xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx options xxx not fulfill xxx expansion dreams xx the xxxxxxx in any xxxx

xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx two xxxxxxxxx options available xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx in its xxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Jan V on Fri, 2014-03-28 11:43
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Genesis capital budget - Tutorial

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file1.docx preview (1065 words)

Capital budget and budgeting techniques

x xxxxxxx budget xx x projection of the xxxxxxx set aside for the purchase xx xxxxxxx assets xxxx equipments, motor xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx etc. Generally, in xxx xxxxxxxxxx a xxxxx amount xx xxx xxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxx up xx a new facility. xxxxx xxxx xx various xxx xxxxxxxx with each having xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx courses of xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx allocated is x xxxxxxxxxxx the projects xxxx to xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx done xxxxx capital xxxxxxxxx techniques. (, 2013)

Metrics xxxx

The metrics xxxx xxx analyzing the xxxxxxx allocation xx xxxxxxx are xxx xxxx present xxxxxxx IRR (Internal xxxx xx return) xxx xxxxxxx period.

Net xxxxxxx value

xxx of the xxxxx and often used xxxxxx is the xxxx Under this, xxx cash xxxxx xxxx xxx project xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx its xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx discounting xxxxx This rate may be xxx xxxxxxxx rate of xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 2013) Hence, this method gives

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xls preview (458 words)

xxxxx project

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxCash xxxx
Y1Y2xxxx Y5 Y6xxY8Y9xxx NPV IRR xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xx 75-emp xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx($400) ($100) $600$700 xxxxxx $2,000 $2,000$2,000$2,000 xxxx 16.75%6.25
Equipment 1 - xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx$150 $150 $150 xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx $750 $1,130 33.35% xxxx
Equipment 2 x top xx line ($1,500) xxxxxx$275 xxxxxxxx $325xxxxxx$1,500$1,500 $1,500xxxxxx $1,969xxxxxx xxxx
xxxxxxxxx 3 - 3-man xxxxxxx ($700)($200) ($150) $250xxxx $350$0$0$0xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx NA
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx$100xxxx$500$300$300 xxxx$800 $800 $800 xxxx xxxx21.83% xxxx
xxxxx($7,750) ($350) $375$1,125xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$5,050 xxxxxx xxxxxx$5,050xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx
Cummulative xxxxxxxx ($7,725)($6,600) xxxxxxxx ($3,100) $1,950$7,000 $12,050 $17,100xxxxxxx


xxxxxxx xxxx
xxxxxxxxxx ($000)xxxxxxxxxWeighted
xxxxxRate xxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx 8.00%0.60%
Short-term xxxx xxxxxxx* xxxxxxx 2.50%8.00% 0.20%
xxxxx xxxxxxx Liabilities* xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Note xxxxxxx * 400,000 xxxxxx 9.00% 0.90%
xxxxxxxx Payable * xxxxxxxxx30.00%xxxxxx xxxxx
Total Liabilites * xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx Equity x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Operating xxxxxxx 500,000xxxxxx 15.51% xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx Equity * 4,000,000100.00% 12.46%


Initial xxxxxxxxxx Cash Flow
Y1xx Y3xx xxxx xxxxxxY10 Payback xxxx
xxxxxxx xx 25-emp xxxxxxxx($2,000)($200) ($300) ($400)xxxx xxxxxxxxxx$1,000xxxxxx $1,000 xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx ($2,200) xxxxxxxx ($2,900)($2,700)($2,300) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx7.30 III
Project xx xxxxxx facility xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx $100$400xxxx$1,500$1,500$1,500 xxxxxx xxxxxx
Cummulative($2,700) ($2,900)xxxxxxxx ($2,400)($2,000) ($500) $1,000 $2,500$4,000$5,500 xxxxII
Project xx 75-emp

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.xlsx preview (493 words)

xxxxxx x

Appendix xx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxCash Flow
Y1xxxxY4 xxY6 xxY8xx Y10 xxxxxxx
Project xx 25-emp facilityxxxxxxxx xxxxxx ($300) ($400)xxxx xxxx$1,000 xxxxxx$1,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx($326)xxx
xxxxxxx B: 40-emp xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ($200)($200)xxxx xxxx xxxx $1,500xxxxxx $1,500 $1,500 $1,500xxxxII
xxxxxxx C: xxxxxx facilityxxxxxxxx($300)xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx$700 $2,000 $2,000$2,000 xxxxxx$2,000 $956 x
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxCash xxxx
xxY2xxxxxx xxY7Y8 Y9xxxIRR xxxx
Project xx xxxxxx facilityxxxxxxxx($200)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $400$1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 xxxIII
xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx facility ($2,500)($200)xxxxxx $100 $400xxxx xxxxxx$1,500$1,500$1,500$1,50016% xx
Project C: xxxxxx facility xxxxxxxxxxxxxx($400) ($100)$600 $700xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx$2,000 $2,000xxx I
Initial xxxxxxxxxxCash xxxx
Y1Y2 xxxxxx xxxxxx Y9Y10xxxxxxx xxxx
xxxxxxx A: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx $1,000xxxxxx $1,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx($2,200)xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ($2,300) xxxxxxxx($300)$700$1,700 $2,700xxxx III
Project xx xxxxxx facilityxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx$100 xxxxxxxx $1,500 $1,500xxxxxx $1,500$1,500
Cummulative($2,700) ($2,900)xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx($2,000) xxxxxx $1,000 $2,500 xxxxxx$5,500 6.33 II
xxxxxxx xx 75-emp xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx($300)xxxxxx xxxxxx$600 $700 $2,000 xxxxxx $2,000 $2,000$2,000
Cummulativexxxxxxxx($3,700) ($3,800) ($3,200)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx $1,500$3,500 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Appndx x

Appendix xx xxxxxxxxx 1
Initial Investmentxxxx Flow
xx Y2xxxxxx Y6 xxY8Y9 Y10 NPV xxxx
xxxxxxxxx 1 x fully xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ($100)$100 $200xxxx xxxx $800xxxx$800 xxxx$800 xxxx II
Equipment x - semi-automaticxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx$300$600 xxxx xxxx$600 $600 xxxx xxx
xxxxxxxxx 1 - xxxxxx ($750) $150xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx$750$750 $750$750 $750$1,130I
Initial InvestmentCash xxxx
xxxxxx Y4xxY6Y7Y8xx Y10xxxRank
xxxxxxxxx x

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by putul on Tue, 2014-08-19 11:14
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appropritely referenced- plz use this as a guide

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xxxxxx for xxxxxx xxx tutorial. xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx me know xx u xxxxx any xxxxx regarding the tutorial. x humbly request x to rate the answer if u xxxxx xxx

x offer assistance in the xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx accounting/finnce/costing/statistics. I offer both xxxxxx xx otherwise assistance. You xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxx any xxxxxxxxxxxx


The word xxx xxx the xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx


thnks xxx xxxx reagards


file1.xlsx preview (483 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxx
Item xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxRate Rate
Accounts Payable* xxxxxxx xxxxx8%0.60%
xxxxxxxxxx Note Payable* xxxxxxx2.50%8%0.20%
Total Current Liabilities * xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Note xxxxxxx x 400,000 xxxxxx 9%xxxxx
Mortgage Payable* xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 10% 3.00%
Total Liabilites x 1,600,000
Common xxxxx Equity* xxxxxxxxx37.50%10% 3.75%
Operating xxxxxxx xxxxxxx12.50%xxx1.94%
Total xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx 4,000,000100.00%10.39%
xxxxxxx Captial xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx cash xxxxx
xxxx xxxx Cash Flow Cash xxxxxxxx xxxx Cash xxxx Cashflowxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxCashflowCashflow
xxY2xxY4Y5xxxxY8Y9 xxx
Project xx 25-emp xxxxxxxx xxxxx-200xxxx -400200400 1000xxxx $1,000xxxxxx$1,000
Payback xxxxxxxx xx to xxxxxxx xxxxx x -200-500-900-700xxxx700xxxxxxxxxx
NPV xxxxxx xxxxxxx -246.19 -297.36 xxxxxxxxxxxx552.65500.64xxxxxx 410.84372.18
IRR xxxxxx
Project B: 40-emp xxxxxxxx-2500-200 xxxx100 xxx 400 15001500xxxxxx$1,500 xxxxxx
xxxxxxx (rounded xx to nearest year)6 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx500 xxxx
NPVxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx680.29 616.27 558.27
xxx xxxxxx
Project xx 75-emp xxxxxxxxxxxxx -300xxxx xxxx 600700 2000 xxxx xxxx 2000 xxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx up xx nearest year)x-300 -700 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 4500
NPV xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-74.34404.07 xxxxxx xxxxxxx1001.28 xxxxxxxxxxxx744.36
xxx 16.75%
Equipment 1 x xxxxx automaticxxxxxxxxx 100xxx xxx200 800 xxx800 xxx 800
Payback (rounded xx to xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx0xxx xxx xxx xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx82.06xxxxxx269.38 122.01442.12xxxxxx362.82 xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx 1 x semi-automatic-1000 xxx -100xxx xxxxxx600600 xxx xxx600
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx up xx xxxxxxx xxxxx6 -50 -150 xx250xxx1150
xxx712.93 -45.29xxxxxx xxxxxx 134.69183.02331.59xxxxxx272.12xxxxxx 223.31
IRR xxxxxx
Equipment 1 -

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (1404 words)

Genesis xxxxxxx Projects Executive Summary

The xxxxxxx’s name

The xxxxxxxxx’x xxxx

The course xxxxxx

The xxxx

Genesis aggressive xxxxxx xxxxx require a xxxxxxx pan for xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx equipped operating xxxxxxxx overseas. This xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx a measurable xxx for businesses xx determine xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx profitability xx xxx investment project.” (Gad).

“The required xxxxxx on xxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxx its xxxxxxxxx cost, and xxx xxxx of capital used xx analyze the capital xxxxxxxxx decision is xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx components’ costs”. (Brigham, xxxxxxxx Edition, xx xxxxx xxx weighted xxxxxxx cost of capital xxx xxxx xxxx as xxx xxxxxx xxxx for the xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx projects and has been xxxxxxxxxx as 10.39%. (Please refer attached excel sheet for the xxxxxxxx calculations)

The xxxx IRR and Payback xxxxxx calculations aid xx decision xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx acceptance xx

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.pptx preview (1023 words)


Student’s name Financial Management (B6022-P A02) University xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxx presentation xxxxxxxxxx the projects chosen xx xxxxxxxxx of xxx expansion xxxx


xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx plan involve capital budgeting decisions

xxxxxxx aggressive xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx pan for xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx equipped xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx overseas. This xxxxxxxx capital budgeting decision involving choosing xxx blend xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx


Genesis xxxxxxxxxx tools

Capital xxxxxxxxx xxxxx used xx the xxxxxxxxxx xx projects NPV(Net xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx rate of return) Payback xxxxxxx

xxx xxxx IRR and xxxxxxx period xxxxxxxxxxxx aid in decision making as xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx or rejection of xxxxxxxx in course xx capital budgeting decisions.


xxxxxxx xxxx xx capital

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx of xxxxxxx xx 10.39%

“xxx required return on each xxxxxxx is called its component cost, and the cost xx xxxxxxx xxxx xx analyze xxx capital

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by ACADEMIC-SOLU... on Thu, 2015-09-03 12:19
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Genesis Energy Capital Plan Report. {PLIZ USE AS GUIDE} DOC + PPT + XLSX

body preview (0 words)

file1._part_ii_presentation.pptx preview (781 words)

Genesis xxxxxx

Executive summary

The xxxxxxxx scorecard as developed xx xxxxxx xxx Norton measures four xxx areas in business. Financial Learning xxx growth Customer Internal business processes.

x xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx new xxxxxx owners of Genesis xxxxxx must xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx originally developed by xxxxxx and Norton to xxxxxxx business xxxxxxxxxxxx The balances scorecard xxxxx be xxxx in measuring xxxx key areas, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx as xxx four xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx balanced scorecard, and xxx four areas are; financial, learning xxx growth, customer, and xxxxxxxx business xxxxxxxxxx


xxxxx the four measures developing and xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxx shall xx key. Key xxxxxxx factors xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx performance xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx level(target) Summary action xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xx xxxxxxxxxx and designing xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx measures, the following shall be key: key success xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx key xxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (1194 words)

Running head: xxxxxxx Capital xxxx xxxxxx

Genesis xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx

Name xx Student:

xxxxxx Title:

xxxxxx xxxxx

Instructor’x Name:

Date xx Submission:


xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx an alternate task xxxx xxx end xxxx xx xxxxxxxx The distribution xx the xxxxxxx in the most effective undertaking xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxx organization's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx distinctive activities xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx assessed xx the premise of criteria xxxxxxxxxxxxx by xxx organization xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx future xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x Genesis' accountant, the most xxxxxxxx xxx gainful undertaking xxxx xx guidance xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx through xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

WACC Calculation

x capital xxxxxxxx xxxx xx a projection of xxx sums xxx aside xxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx supplies, xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx structures, and xx xxxxxx xxx the xxxx part,

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.xls preview (458 words)

xxxxx project

Initial Investment xxxx Flow
Y1 xxY3 xxY5 Y6 xx xx xx xxx NPVxxxPayback
xxxxxxx C: 75-emp xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx($400) xxxxxx $600xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx$2,000 xxxxxx $2,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Equipment x - manualxxxxxx$150xxxx xxxx $150 $150$750 $750 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 33.35%xxxx
xxxxxxxxx x x xxx xx xxxx($1,500) ($100)$275$325 xxxx xxxx $1,500 xxxxxx xxxxxx $1,500 $1,500xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx x - 3-man machine($700)($200) xxxxxx xxxx $300 $350$0 $0 $0$0xx xxxxxxxxxxxx NA
xxxxxxxx inspectionxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx $500$300 $300 xxxx $800 $800$800 $800xxxx 21.83% 5.33
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx $1,125$1,675 $1,825 xxxxxx $5,050xxxxxx $5,050 $5,050xxxxxx 21.08% xxxx
Cummulative ($8,100)xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ($4,925)($3,100)xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx$22,150


xxxxxxx xxxx
ItemAmount xxxxxx % xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Total Rate xxxx
Accounts xxxxxxx* 300,000 xxxxx 8.00%0.60%
xxxxxxxxxx Note Payable* xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx 0.20%
xxxxx xxxxxxx Liabilities x 400,000
Long-term Note xxxxxxx * 400,000 xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Payablex xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 10.00%xxxxx
Total xxxxxxxxxxx 1,600,000
xxxxxx xxxxx Equityx 1,500,00037.50% xxxxxx xxxxx
Operating Equity* xxxxxxx 12.50%15.51%xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and Equity* xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx12.46%


xxxxxxx Investmentxxxx xxxx
Y1 xx Y3Y4Y5 xxxxY8 Y9xxx Payback xxxx
xxxxxxx A: 25-emp xxxxxxxx($2,000)xxxxxx($300)xxxxxx $200$400 $1,000$1,000 $1,000 $1,000$1,000
xxxxxxxxxxx($2,200)xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ($2,300)($1,300)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $2,700 7.30III
xxxxxxx B: xxxxxx facility ($2,500)($200)($200)xxxxxxxx $400 $1,500$1,500 xxxxxx xxxxxx$1,500
Cummulativexxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ($2,800)($2,400) xxxxxxxx($500) xxxxxx $2,500 $4,000 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx C: 75-emp

- - - more text follows - - -

file4.xlsx preview (493 words)

Appndx x

Appendix xx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Cash Flow
Y1 Y2xx xx xx xxY7Y8 xxY10NPVRank
xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx($200) xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx$1,000 xxxxxx $1,000 xxxxxx($326) xxx
Project xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ($200)($200) xxxx xxxx$400 xxxxxx$1,500xxxxxx$1,500xxxxxx$605xx
xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx($3,000) ($300)($400) ($100)$600 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$2,000xxxxxx $2,000$956 I
Initial InvestmentCash xxxx
Y1 Y2 Y3xxxxxxY7Y8Y9 xxxxxx xxxx
Project A: 25-emp xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx($200)xxxxxx($400)$200 xxxxxxxxxx$1,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10%III
xxxxxxx xx 40-emp xxxxxxxx($2,500) ($200) ($200)xxxx $400xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx $1,500 xxxxxx xxxxxx 16%xx
Project C: 75-emp xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx($400) ($100) xxxx $700$2,000$2,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx17% x
Initial xxxxxxxxxx Cash Flow
xxxxY3Y4Y5 Y6xxY8 Y9Y10Payback Rank
Project xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx ($400)$200 xxxx$1,000$1,000 xxxxxx$1,000 xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx ($2,200)($2,500)($2,900)xxxxxxxx ($2,300) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx $1,700xxxxxx7.30xxx
xxxxxxx B: 40-emp facility xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx$1,500$1,500 xxxxxxxxxxxx
Cummulative($2,700)($2,900) ($2,800)xxxxxxxx($2,000)($500)$1,000 $2,500 $4,000$5,500xxxx xx
xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx facility xxxxxxxx ($300)xxxxxx xxxxxx$600xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx $2,000$2,000
Cummulativexxxxxxxx ($3,700) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx($2,500)xxxxxx $1,500xxxxxx $5,500 xxxxxx 6.25I

Appndx 2

xxxxxxxx 2: Equipment x
xxxxxxx InvestmentCash xxxx
xxxx xxxx Y5Y6xx xxY9 xxx xxx Rank
xxxxxxxxx 1 x fully automaticxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$100 xxxx$400xxxx $800 xxxx $800 $800xxxx $514 xx
Equipment x - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ($50)xxxxxx $200 $200xxxx$600 xxxx$600$600 xxxx xxxxIII
Equipment x x xxxxxx ($750) xxxx xxxx$150$150 xxxx $750xxxx $750$750$750xxxxxx x
Initial xxxxxxxxxxCash Flow
Y1Y2Y3 xxY5 xxY7 Y8xx xxx xxx Rank
Equipment x

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file1.xls preview (697 words)


Genesis xxxx
Amount % xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Total xxxxRate
xxxxxxxx Payablex xxxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxx Payablex xxxxxxxxxxxx
Total xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Note xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx* xxxxxxxxx30.00%
Total xxxxxxxxxxx * xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx * xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Operating Equity * 500,000 xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and Equity* 4,000,000 100.00%
xxxxx short xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx is xx xxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxx xxxx interest xxxx is 9% (from M3_A2)
**long term xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx M3_A2)
***since the corporate tax xxxx is not xxxxx xx xx not xxxxxxxx in the xxxx
***will xxxxxxxxx
xxxx xx xxxx =xx
Cost xx Equity = 10%
WACC xxx Genesis
xxxxx Debt 1600000
Total Equity xxxxxxx
Total Capital5600000
xxxxxx of Debt 29%
Weight of xxxxxx 71%
xxxx x 9.43%
NPV Evaluation
Initial xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx Cash FlowCash flowCash xxxx Cash xxxx Cash xxxx Cash xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx
Y1Y2Y3 xxY5Y6xxY8xx Y10NPV
Project xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx-2000xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 1000 xxxx 1000 107.41
Project xx 40-emp facility xxxxx-200xxxx100400 xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx1500 xxxx 1437.76
xxxxxxx C: 75-emp facility -3000 -300 xxxxxxxx 600xxx xxxx20002000xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx > Project x xx the best option
Equipment 1 x fully automaticxxxxxxxxx 100 xxx 400 xxx 800xxx xxx 800xxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx 1 x

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (1499 words)

xxxxxxx – Capital Budget



xxxxxxx Budgeting


xxx xxxxxxxx on capital xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx significant x firm has xx make. A xxxxxxxx to xxxxx x new plant xx xxxxxx xxxx x foreign xxxxxx xxx influence the xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx the next xxxxxxx The xxxxxxx budgeting decision involves the xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx for a xxxxxxx with a xxxx of xx xxxxx one year xxx xxxxxxx considerably longer. Capital xxxxxxxxx xxxxx in xxxxxxxxxxx that xxx should x firm invest xxx xxxxxxxx

Different xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx options xxxx xxx xxxxxxx period (which xxxxxxxx xxx time or number xx xxxxx which xx xxxxxxxx to xxxxx the initial xxxxxx xx investment in xxx xxxxxxxxx Accounting xxxx xx return (this is also xxxxx xx Return on xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx measures xxx profitability of an investment considering its financial xxxxxxxxxxxx Discounted xxxxxxx period xxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxx or xxxxxx of xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx cover xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxx in the

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Submitted by DENNISWRIGHT on Wed, 2014-06-11 18:14
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Genesis Capital Report ( Executive summary + Calculations+ slides)

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PART xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx


Institutional xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Course Title:

xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx


xxx allocation xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx projects xx a company xx of prime xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx companies xxxxxx to generate xxxxxxx xxx continue xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx projects xxxxxxxxx xxx investments xxxx xx evaluated xx xxxxxxxx rates xx returns defined xx the xxxxxxxx This xxxx xx the xxxx xx capital xxx xxx xxxxxxxx The cost xx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx by the rate of xxxxxxxx inherent xx xxx xxxxxxxx The Weighted Average Cost xx xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx funds xxxxxxxxxxx by the xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx determine xxx total xxxxx xx each xxxxxxxx In this xxxxxx we employ xxx use xx various xxxxxxxxx techniques xx xxxxxxxx the xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx which a xxxxxxxxxxx company xxxxxx invest xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx funds xxxxx in its balance xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxx

xxxxx are xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx and debt. xxx xxxx of

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.ppt preview (556 words)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx affiliation: Professor: Course Title: Date of xxxxxxxxxxxxx

* INTRODUCTION Business usually have xxxxxxx funds for investments in capital xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of competing projects for xxxxxxxxxxx is thus, xxxxxxxxx xx chose xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx project It ensures xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx returns are xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx techniques xxxxxxx xxx use of NPV, xxx xxx xxxxxxx period appraisal methods The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx team is xxxxxx with xxxxxxxxxx various xxxxxxxx for xxx company

* Analysis xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx projects xxx available xxx investments by the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx in xx empty, 40 xxxxx and 60 xxxxx Facilities xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx one Purchas xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx three Investments in xxx in-house and contract xxxxxxxxxxx

* Investment in facilities Initial xxxxxxxxxx require xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx flows over the entire xxxxxx life of the project will xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx rate of return from the

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the answer is attached file

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Calculate xxx xxxx’s WACC.

x xxxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxx xxxx xx capital xx xxxxx each xxxxxxxx of capital is proportionately weighted. All xxxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxxx stock, preferred stock, xxxxx xxx xxx other xxxxxxxxx debt x xxx included xx a xxxx calculation.

WACC xx xxx xxxxxxx xx the xxxxx xx these xxxxxxx of financing, xxxx xx which xx weighted by its xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxx given xxxxxxxxxx By taking a weighted average, we xxx xxx how xxxx interest the company has xx pay for every xxxxxx it finances. x xxxxxx WACC is the overall xxxxxxxx return on the xxxx xx a whole xxxx xx xxxxx xx xx often xxxx internally xx company directors xx determine the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx opportunities xxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx discount rate to xxx xxx xxxx flows with risk xxxx is xxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx

Where: xx = xxxx of equity Rd x cost xx xxxx x x xxxxxx xxxxx of xxx firm's xxxxxx x x market xxxxx xx the xxxxxx debt x x E + x E/V x xxxxxxxxxx of

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (346 words)


Genesis WACC
Itemxxxxxx xxxxxxx Interest Weighted
xxxxx xxxxxxxx
Accounts Payable x 300,0007.50%8%
xxxxxxxxxx Note xxxxxxx* xxxxxxx 2.50% xx
xxxxx Current xxxxxxxxxxx * 400,000xx
Long-term Note xxxxxxx* xxxxxxx xxxxxx9%
xxxxxxxx Payablex xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 9%
xxxxx Liabilites x 1,600,000 xx
Common Stock Equity* xxxxxxxxx37.50%10%
xxxxxxxxx Equity * xxxxxxx12.50%10% 5.0%
Total Liabilities xxx xxxxxx* xxxxxxxxx 100.00%
xxxxxxx Captial Projectsxxxxxxx
Initial xxxxxxxxxxCash xxxx xxxx FlowCash Flowxxxx xxxx Cash FlowCashflow Cash xxxx xxxx Flowxxxx xxxxxxxx flow
Y1 xx Y3Y4 Y5xxY7 xxxx xxx
xxxxxxx A: xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx -300-400 xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx 1000 1000 7.33
xxxxxxx B: xxxxxx facility xxxx xxxx -200 xxx400 xxxxxxx 1500xxxxxxxx xxxx7.33
xxxxxxx C: 75-emp xxxxxxxx 3000xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx700xxxxxxxx2000 xxxx2000xxxx
xxxxxxxxx x - fully xxxxxxxxx1500xxxxxxx200 400200xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx6.6
Equipment 1 x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx-100200 xxx300xxx600xxxxxx 600xxxx
Equipment x x manual750150150150 150 xxxxxxxxxxxx750 750x
Equipment x - Standard800 xxxxxxx250250 xxx700 700700 700700xxx
Equipment x - top xx xxxx xxxx-100275xxx325325xxxx1500 xxxx xxxx xxxx5.2
xxxxxxxxx x - 3-man xxxxxxx700-200 -150250300 350
Equipment 3 x 2-man machine600 -175 xxxx xxx175xxx
Equipment 3 - xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx -200 xxx 400xxx
In-house xxxxxxxxxx1800xxx xxx 500 300 xxx 800800800 xxx xxx5.125
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx200xxx 200 xxx 100xxx800 xxx800 xxx xxxx
xxxxxxx Captial Project- NPV evaluation @9%
discount xxxxxx at 9%xxxxx0.842 xxxxx xxxxx0.65 0.596xxxxxxxxxx xxxx 0.422
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Flow Cash Flow Cash xxxx xxxx xxxxCashflowCash xxxx xxxx xxxxCash Flow xxxx flow
Y1 xxY3Y4xxY6Y7 xxY9 Y10
xxxxxxx A: xxxxxx facility xxxx -183.4-252.6 -308.8xxxxx260 596 547502xxxxxx2183.8xxxxx
Project B: 40-emp

- - - more text follows - - -

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Genesis Capital (A++)

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xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx
xxxx Amount ($000) xInterest Weighted Weighted xxxxxxx Difference
Accounts Payable * 300,000 xxxxxxxxxxx 322,500xxxxxxxxx 75.88%
xxxxxxxxxx Note Payable x xxxxxxx2.50% xxxxx102,500 xxxxx 25% 24.12%
xxxxx Current Liabilities x 400,000 xxx425,00025,000100% 100%11%8%
Long-term xxxx xxxxxxxx 400,000 10.00%40,000440,000 xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Payable x 1,200,000 xxxxxx360,0001,560,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Total Liabilites* 1,600,000xxx2,000,000 xxxxxxx 100% 100% 50%40%
Common xxxxx Equity* 1,500,00037.50% xxxxxxx 2,062,500 xxxxxxx 75% xxxxxx
Operating xxxxxx* 500,00012.50% 62,500562,500 xxxxxxxxx21.40%
Total Equity x xxxxxxx 50% xxxxxxxxx 625,000xxxxxxxxxxx xxx52%
Total xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 105,000 xxxx100%
xxxxxxx xxxxxx Captial Projects
Initial Investmentxxxx FlowCash FlowCash xxxx xxxx xxxxCash Flow xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Y1Y2 Y3xxxxY6-10Y1-10TotalProfit/Loss
xxxxxxx A: xxxxxx facilityxxxx-200 -300 xxxx200 400 xxxx500xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx B: 40-emp facility xxxx -200 -200 100 400400 1500xxxx -$900.00
Project C: xxxxxx facility3000xxxx xxxx-100 600700 2000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx 1 x xxxxx automatic xxxx-100 xxx xxx xxxxxx 800 xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx 1 x semi-automatic xxxx -50-100200 200xxx600xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx 1 - xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx150 xxx xxx1350$600.00
Equipment x - xxxxxxxx 800xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 700 1275 xxxxxxx
Equipment 2 x xxx of xxxxxxxx-100 xxx 325325 325xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
Equipment x x xxxxx machine xxx-200xxxxxxx 300350xxxxxxxxxxx
Equipment x x 2-man xxxxxxx 600 xxxx -100175 175175 xx-$525.00
Equipment 3 - xxxxx machine750xxxxxxxxxxx 400xxx 200 -$550.00
In-house inspectionxxxxxxx 500xxxxxxxxxxxx 2200$400.00

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (733 words)

xxxxxxx head: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Plan

xxxxxxx Capital Plan

xxxxxxx’x Name:




Executive xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx has x strategic xxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx a fully equipped xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx entrusted the xxxx of preparing a xxxxxxx xxxx for the expansion xxxxxxxxx of the company, to xxx operations xxxxxxxxxx team. Keeping in xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx was xxxxx xx prepare xxx xxxxxxx expenditure valuations xxxx utmost precautions, authenticating xxx justifying every assumption xxx expenditure xxx xxxxxxx prepare the selection of xxx most viable xxx acceptable xxxxxxxx amongst a xxxxxx of mutually xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

The xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx to use xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and operating metrics to ensure xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx objectives of xxx facility xxxxx xx xxxx

xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx the company, xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx

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Submitted by UOPOnlineTutor on Mon, 2016-05-23 15:19
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A+ Solution B6022 Module 5 Assignment 2 Genesis Energy Capital Plan Report + Presentation + Excel Calculations Most Economical & Quality Work

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file1.xlsx preview (397 words)


xxxxxxx xxxxxx WACC
Item Amount xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx TotalWeighted
Total xxxxIterestxxxx
Accounts xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxx0%0%
xxxxxxxxxx xxxx Payable * xxxxxxx 2.50%8% $8,000.00
Total xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx 10.00%
Long-term Note Payable x xxxxxxxxxxxxx 8%$32,000.00
xxxxxxxx Payable* 1,200,000 30.00% xx$72,000.00
Total Liabilites x 1,600,000
xxxxxx Stock xxxxxx * 1,500,00037.50% 2%xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 500,00012.50%xxxx
xxxxx Liabilities and Equity* 4,000,000 100.00%$142,000.00 3.55%
xxxxxxx Energy Captial Projects
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Flow xxxx xxxxCash xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx FlowCashflow xxxxxxxx CashflowCashflow xxxxxxxx
Y1Y2 xx xxY5 Y6xx Y8 xxY10xxx IRRxxxxxxx PERIOD xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Project xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
Project xx 25-emp xxxxxxxx-2000-200 xxxx-400 200xxx 1000xxxx1000xxxx xxxx$1,463.77 10% xxxxxxxxxxxxx Project A $3,463.77
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx -2900 xxxxx -2300 -1300 -300700 17002700
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-$0.01-$0.01xxxxx$0.01xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx$0.03 xxxxxxxxxxx
Project xx 40-emp xxxxxxxxxxxxx-200-200100 xxx400xxxx1500xxxxxxxx 1500$3,574.81xxx 5.67 xxxxxx2.43 Project Bxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx -2700-2900xxxxx -2400 xxxxx-500 xxxx 2500xxxx xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx -$0.01 xxxxxxxxxxx $0.01$0.01 xxxxx $0.05 xxxxx$0.05 xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xx 75-emp facility -3000 xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx 70020002000xxxx 2000xxxx$4,931.03 17%xxxx 12.61%2.64 Project Cxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-2500-500xxxx 3500xxxx xxxx
FCF/Dividendxxxxxx xxxxxx -$0.00$0.02$0.02$0.07 $0.07 xxxxx $0.07 $0.07 0.0350
xxxxxxx A, x and xx xxxxxxxxx-900xxxx 1200xxxx xxxx xxxx 4500xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 15% 5.49 11.33%2.33 xxxxxxx A,B xxx Cxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx -2300 2200 xxxx xxxxxxxxxx
FCF/Dividend-$0.02 xxxxxxxxxxxx $0.04$0.05xxxxx$0.15xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx 0.0773
xxxxxxxxx 1 x fully

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.pptx preview (392 words)

xxxxxxxxxxxx xx

xxxxxxx xxxx’s Capital Plan Analysis

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx the Genesis xxxxxxxxxx x capital plan xxxxxx be xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx to successfully xxxxxxxxx a xxxxx equipped xxxxxxxxx facility overseas. A xxxxxxxxx and operating xxxxxx have xx xx constructed to ensure that xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx met. xxxxx are xxxx projects namely xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 1, xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx x and xxxxxxxx inspection. xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx Statement xxxxx’xx

WACC xx xxx xxxx have xx be determined xxxxx on the cost xx xxxx xxx equity xx the firm. Using the evaluation tools xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx’s xxxxxxx xxxx xx be xxxxxx and recommended xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx to the organization.

WACC xxxxxxxxxxx

xxx xxxxx term xxxx xxxxxxxx rate is xx xxx the weight of xxxxx term xxxx payable is 5%. The xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xx and the xxxxxx xx long xxxx note payable xx

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.docx preview (1107 words)

Executive Summary

xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxx is going xx make a contract xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx the project of operating xxxxxxxxxx But before going along xxxx this project, study xx xxxxxxx’s xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx therefore xxxxxxxxxx has xxxx made xxxxxxxxx the income xxx expenditure xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx years so its xxxxxxxxx feasibility xxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx metrics are xxxx to xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx so with better outlook more xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx can xx made.

xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx debt xxx Equity in xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xx preference share. The weighted xxxxxxx cost xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx comes xx 3.55%. The expected life of the project xx xxxxx xx 10 xx x years according xx its nature. xxxxxxx xx further xxxxxxx into xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx So, here five different projects xxxxxxxxxx equipment pieces xx 2, and xx and internal inspection) are xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx (facility size, equipment

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