general chemistry Questions

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1)What is the approximate radius of carbon-12


2)What is the approximate radius of a Fe-56 nucleus?

  (b) Approximately what is the value of A for a nucleus whose radius is 3.0 x 10-15m?


3)Calculate the binding energy per nucleon for a U-238 nucleus.


4) In the reaction 1H + 1n -> 2H + Y what is the energy of gamma(Y) rays emotted here?


5) Polonium-214 can decay by alpha decay.


 a) The product of its decay has how many fewer protons the polonium-214?

 b) Write the nuclear equation for this decay.


6) Write the nuclear equation for the decay of Co60 ? If there are any alpha, beta or gamma particles created what is their maximum kinetic energy created?


7) Francium-223 ( Fr-223) has a half-life of 21.8 min.

 a) How many nuclei are initial present in a 25.0 mg sample?

 b) How many nuclei are present 1h and 49 min later?


8) What is the activity of a sample of that contains 8.9 x 1022 nuclei?

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