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lease read the following links (as well as the comments to the essays written by readers) and begin a debate among your peers about this interesting topic! What do you agree with? Disagree? In light of chapter 5, how can we implement these ideas to various groups nationally and internationally? While the links are about gendered language, feel free to open the discussion to other "PC" kinds of discourse that deal with racism or classism. Have you ever had a situation where using gendered language got you in trouble? Or does using it feel too "politically correct" to you? Since sexism has not yet been pronounced dead, do you think as many believe language has power and things like in the Norwegian example should be changed? 
As a professional academic writer, I have struggled for years when writing not to always use "he" as the universal. Ideas I've been given by other writers is to use "she" all the time, or switch the genders for each chapter. I think 18th Century English writers had the best solution, although not grammatically correct as the subject and verb don't agree. They would say something like "The writer of the article thought their opinion was very popular--"writer" is singular and "their" is plural. But no gendered language! I've tried it and my editors frown on the improper use of the King's (Queen!! Ha ha) English. 
So. . . what do you think? How will you tackle these issues in the workplace, where things can get very tense around these topics? 
FIRST POST RULES: Choose one comment from either the three essays of from a reader's response to an essay.

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