Gender Inequality in the Workplace Research Argument Paper

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The basis of your argument should be a question that you wish to genuinely explore and thoughtfully answer. Ideally, your exploration and research will lead you to a conclusion that merits your attempt to convince your readers of your perspective, and to persuade your reader to action. Once you have narrowed on a topic and explored your issue from a variety (or at least from “the other”) perspective, you should arrive at a position that is valid and worth presenting to your audience. You will need to defend your position logically with reasonable evidence, and with apt and compelling rhetorical structure and rhetorical appeals. Requirements: Your essay must be composed in classical oration structure (exordium, narratio, partitio, confirmatio, refutatio, and peroratio) 
Research: You must incorporate, in a meaningful way, at least FIVE reliable and credible sources. At least THREE written sources must come via the library database. And one source MUST BE A BOOK. ALL FIVE SOURCES MUST BE USED IN YOUR PAPER, i.e. there must be some paraphrased or quoted material from every source. You must use a combination of paraphrased AND quoted material; however, no more than about 25% of your total essay should be quoted or paraphrased. 
MLA Format and documentation: Works cited page (to be submitted on Canvas with your final draft), internal citations, and paper format all done according to MLA guidelines, including an appropriate title 
Length: minimum 1500 words and maximum 2000 words (about 5-­7 pages) 
Must have a thesis statement that clearly expresses your position 

Only authoritative library databases (Proquest, Academic Search, Jstor, Issues and Controversies at 

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    Gender Inequality in the Workplace Research Argument Paper

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