You are an economist writing a memo to the President of the United States addressing the current status of economy, the problems facing the U.S. economy, and the polocies that should be implemented (fiscal and monetary) to fix our current problem and achieve the United States' economic goals. You must use minimum of 5 newspaper articles within the last year and write the minimum of three complete pages. You need to include bibliography using MLA citation format. The newspaper link must be attached.

Inflation - what is the inflation rate? Good or Bad? Cause of inflation?

Unemployment - What is the unemployment rate? Good or Bad? Why? Type?

GDP - What is GDP? What does it mean? Good or Bad? Why?

Aggergated Expenditures - Rising or Falling? What does it mean? Why? Good or Bad?

Phase of the Buisness Cycle - Based on above what phase are we in? Why?

Analyze the economy based on the cirteria above to determain the problems in the U.S. economy faces and recommened policy changes effect that would correct the problems of today's economy. Be sure to explain how the recommended policy changes will affect the factors above and help the economy reach its goals.

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