GB 550 Assessment 2 Information - Group Research Project

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GB550 Assessment 2 PART 1: Finance in the News (***** 1912 Words + APA Format + References *****)


GB550 Assessment 2 Information - Group Research Project


PART 1: Finance in the News [60 marks]


In your group of two maintain a portfolio of four financial news articles and critically evaluate how the financial issue in each article relates to the theory studied in class. Analyse similarities, differences between issues in the articles studied and theory learned in class and make a conclusion concerning the application of financial theory in real life for each article. You may need to do additional research to understand certain terms in the articles. Calculations are encouraged if the article contains data.


Layout and Content:


• Provide an online link or reference (if hard copy) with your analysis.

• A reference list should be included at the end of your assignment and any sources you refer to in your analysis must also be referenced in-text. A referencing guide can be found on the portal under “Academic Success Centre/ Library” and is also uploaded under assessments on the portal site.

• Below each article provide a 400-500 word commentary which includes:

o A very brief summary of the article’s content (no more than 50-100 words)

o An identification of a clear link between the issues discussed in the article and theory covered in class

o An analysis of the financial issue and a comparison with the theory studied in class. Consider how financial theory applies/ doesn’t apply/ partially applies to the article and comment on the similarities and discrepancies.

o You can include calculations as part of your analysis.

• See “Part 1- Example of Article Analysis” uploaded under assessments on the portal. This example is however shorter and less detailed than your analysis needs to be for each article.

• 1000-2000 words (up to 500 words above 2000 permitted)



Assessment Rubric

• Please see “Part 1: Written Assignment Rubric” uploaded under assessments on the portal. You will be assessed according to the criteria on this rubric.

• Marks will firstly depend on the way students identify the link between the news articles and financial theories and concepts learned in class. Secondly, students need to demonstrate analytical skills where they find similarities and differences between the way financial concepts are addressed in class and how they are addressed in the articles.



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    GB/550 Assessment 2 PART 1: Finance in the News [ 1912 Words, APA Format with References ]

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