The gas-turbine cycle of a combined gas–steam power plant has a pressure ratio of 8. Air enters the compressor at 290 K and the turbine at 1400 K. The combustion gases leaving the gas turbine are used to heat the steam at 15 MPa to 450°C in a heat exchanger. The combustion gases leave the heat exchanger at 247°C. Steam expands in a high-pressure turbine to a pressure of 3 MPa and is reheated in the combustion chamber to 500°C before it expands in a low-pressure turbine to 10 kPa. The mass flow rate of steam is 30 kg/s. Assuming all the compression and expansion processes to be isentropic, determine
(a) The mass flow rate of air in the gas-turbine cycle,
(b) The rate of total heat input, and
(c) The thermal efficiency of the combined cycle.

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