Frank Kafka's the metamorphosis


Using support only from Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” examine Gregor’s family’s treatment of him.


Write an essay identifying the following elements in Kafka’s story:


Use your introduction to identify your understanding of Kafka’s purpose.


Each body paragraph should address the following:


Body paragraph one: What questions about human nature does the text explore?


Body paragraph two: What assumptions about family and a family’s responsibility to its members does the story explore?


Body paragraph three: What are the consequences of Gregor’s metamorphosis for the family and of their treatment of him?


Body paragraph four: How does the text define the concepts of family, love, responsibility, or humanity? (Pick one or two that are most relevant for your focus.)


Body paragraph five: How do you interpret Gregor’s transformation? Why does Kafka have him become a dung beetle?


Body paragraph six: What is Gregor’s point of view?


Body paragraph seven: Evaluate Gregor’s family’s response to him from the values of integrity and community.


Conclusion: Given all of the above, what would you do if put into the same situation as Gregor’s family? Why? How do the values of integrity and community affect your decision?


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