Please specify each topic before you describe it. Use first and second level headings (APA format).

The second phase of the Master Project will include the following topics:

Explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of a franchise?

Would you consider franchising your new company? Why?

Analyze three of the best franchises in the United States, and the reasons of why they are so successful.

Choose at least two franchises or successful national businesses of your choice and perform a brief financial analysis of the startup costs and their financial situation in the market – Recommended Web site: and

What are you going to achieve by starting your new business.Provide a few practical examples.

Research and find the mission and the vision of two famous companies. 

Describe the mission and the vision of your new company?

Finding the Money: Funding Options for your Small Business – Analyze the following funding options and explain which one is more suitable for the startup of your new business:

·         Loans

·         Angel Investors

·         Venture Capital

Apply the theories of Motivation, including Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Workplace to your new business.

Explain how Internet-based technologies and social media. Could change or improve your business. Provide a few examples.

Apply the main roles and applications of operations management to your new business.

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