In a four- to five-page paper (excluding title page and references page), select one of the management theories in the textbook. Next, explain the elements that are the foundation of the management theory you selected and how the theory identifies the rol




Being aware of the various approaches is the first step in understanding and improving how well you perform as a manager. It is important to understand how you currently operate, so that you can then identify ways of becoming effective in both areas. The Leadership Grid as the Managerial Grid by Robert R. Blake and Jane S. Mouton (Plunkett, 2012). The theory presents two axis: vertical which measures concern for people and horizontal which measures concern for production. The positions on the grid are stated in terms of a 9-point scale, with 1 representing a low concern and 9 representing a high concern. The grid effectively summarizes positions that managers and leaders can take under a variety of circumstances and with different employees (Plunkett, 2012).



There are three skills that are necessary for effective management. One is technical skills. According to the book Management: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations, technical skills are define as “the abilities to use the processes, practices, techniques, and tools of the specialty area a manager supervises” (Plunkett, 2013). It’s very important to have technical skills because technology is a main part of business. Technology also changes frequently. You have to have to ability to learn as you go and not be afraid to adapt to the changes that take place.  The second skill is human skills. This skill is essential to communicate with employees and customers. A manager must be able to relate to their employees so that they could earn their trust. Human skills are what set some managers ahead of others. Some managers can lead but they are not relatable to the people that work for them. You do not want to ever get to informal and cross any lines, but being approachable is important. Employees need to feel like their manager is a person just like they are. If your team is going to others with issues that probably means that you are not as approachable as you should be. Last, it is important to have conceptual skills. This skill is used to look at the company as a whole and be able to break down each department and see how they complete the company. “Many slightly different definitions of what conceptual skills are can be found but the common elements of these are: an ability to look at, identify, label, organize and understand the interrelationships between ideas, objects or events” (Forbes, 2012).  Basically you have to be able to look at the puzzle pieces and come up with the significance each piece in regards to the final product. There are many other managerial skills. These were the most important to me. They are the ones that I feel will cannot be missing if one is considered a good manager.




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